Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Replacement

If your finding your Samsung phone is not retaining its battery life even after a complete charge, running out of charge fast, not charging at all, overheating or shutting down, it’s time for a Samsung Galaxy S5 battery replacement.

Also, considering how inexpensive a replacement battery are these days, it’s always a handy idea to keep an extra Samsung Galaxy s5 battery on hand as backup.

One of the most functional key features Samsung built into the Samsung Galaxy S5, is its removable plastic casing that makes it easy to access and replace your battery.

Below is a quick and simple ‘How to’ Guide, on the replacement of your Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery.

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Tools you will need:

Samsung Galaxy S5 replacement battery



Plastic opening tools (optional):

How to change Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery:

  1. Turn off / Power down the battery
  2. Remove back cover by gently lifting up and unclipping the cover. On the side of the device there should be a small crease that you can stick your finger nail into to pry it open.
  3. To remove the battery – Insert a plastic opening tool or fingernail into the recess in the bottom right corner of the battery and lift upward. Once the battery is lifted, you can grab it and remove it from the Galaxy S5.
  4. Place your new battery into the slot making sure the connectors (top left) are lined up and facing the right way.
  5. Replace the cover back on by placing the cover directly on top and, starting at the top, push down and around the side of the phone. You should hear a clicking noise to confirm the cover has connected properly in place.

The difference between OEM and Genuine Battery

An OEM battery stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM batteries are generic batteries and do not have manufacturers branding on them. A Genuine Battery is a original replacement battery.

Genuine Samsung batteries are highly efficient. They provide about 95% of the rated mAh value in the long run, while off-brand products can only offer 60% efficiency, or even less.

A Genuine battery will serve you for 1.5 to 2 years while its OEM counterpart lasts only 12 to 24 months

Battery Replacement: When should I replace my Battery?

There are a few ways to figure out if, and when, you should replace your battery.

One of the easiest ways includes:

  • If you need to recharge your phone multiple times a day.
  • When its maximum capacity hits 79% or below and you receive the “Your battery’s health is significantly degraded” message.
  • Battery starts to bulge
  • Battery starts to over-heat or run hot.

How to Extend Battery Health:

Understanding what is draining your phone will help you squeeze the best possible battery life out of your device.Below are some tips on how to improve the battery life on your phone.

  • Reduce the brightness
  • To conserve your battery, enable Airplane mode or connecting to a Wi-Fi network (if available) if you will be in area with no service for an extended period of time.
  • Background data – setting certain apps to only update and refresh over Wi-Fi, or not at all.